Yachts, boats and catamarans

Yachts in Croatia, catamarans in Greece


Zadar is a preferable choice of yachting destination for our entire family. This particular Zadar region in Croatia had given a different yachting experience to us. We enjoyed a lot with many islands, favourable winds, and indented coast. After reaching this place, my dad brought me a sailing boat to enjoy chartering in the crystal clear sea coastal. It has 300 small and 24 bigger islands, and...

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Greece – The world’s best tourist spot for avid travelers

Taking a trip with family or friends group will always be amazing because we can enjoy the vacation with our beloved persons. Spending time with them is necessary in life because it gives us a chance to find out the real meaning of affection. So, it is good to go a trip with them whenever it is possible. The important thing about before tripping to somewhere is choosing the best spot. The world...

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