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My unforgettable sightseeing experiences in Pula

I have preferred Eastern Europe when I have planned to enjoy the upcoming holidays. My family members love to visit the best sightseeing locations in and around Eastern European countries. They have an interest to take a travel in the world-class yet safe yacht. Finally, we have chosen tourism in Pula, the most famous city in Istria County, Croatia.

Pula from the sea

About Pula

Pula is the most famous city and one of examples for the overall wealth of Roman architecture. The most impressive features of ancient elements in this city encouraged us to prefer it for our tourism.

This nice town’s extraordinary history started about 3000 years ago. Illyrians built this town. On the other hand, Romans occupied it in 177 B.C. Ostrogoths devastated this town after the Western Roman Empire’s destruction.

There were many buildings built during the years to AD 14 from 27 BC under Emperor Caesar Augustus. Amphitheatre was built during this period. The ever-increasing local trading in this town played the most important role behind a good improvement in Romans’ strategic and economic elements greatly.

Venetians took control of Pula in 1333. In 1853, Austro-Hungarian Empire took control of this city and encouraged the growth of German and Italian population. This city becomes the main part of Italy after the World War II. Today, Pula is the part of Croatia.

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Tourist places

We have chosen the most recommended Pula yacht charter company and reached Pula on time as we have planned. Once we have arrived in Pula, we were welcomed by qualified tourist guide. We stayed in Park Plaza Arena Plus overnight. We were pleased to have the most special banquet in this luxurious hotel.

Roman Amphitheatre

In the morning, we have geared up to visit tourist attractions in Pula one after another and take photographs. We have visited Roman Amphitheatre. Once we have entered this first century amphitheatre, we were stunned with the architecture. This famous sight is known locally as Arena. This amphitheatre was designed to seat for up to 20, 000 spectators and watch gladiatorial contests.

We were satisfied to take photos and listened to every innovative element of this building. We visited a small museum located in the chambers downstairs. We understood the significance of olive oil equipment in the ancient times. Pop and classical concerts in Pula Film Festival are conducted in this amphitheatre.

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Temple of Augustus

As the man square in ancient times, Temple of Augustus located in the Forum was known worldwide. Today, many tourists like us visit here and enjoy time in cafes. Temples and public buildings were available here. We visited a small historical museum and listened to some distinctive things.

The Triumphal Arch of the Sergii

We were surprised to see the most amazing designs of this building built between 29 and 27 BC. This building was built in honour of the family of Sergi.

Roman Floor Mosaic

Roman Floor Mosaic dates from the third century. The central panel in this place portrays bad girl Dirce from the mythology of Greek as punished for her attempt to murder cousin.

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