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My family members and I have a crush on tourism in European countries in particular Croatia. This is because endless sightseeing elements and the most favourable tour packages. We had chosen and invested in professional yacht chartering services from a trustworthy company in the nation.

We compared different packages and preferred the right one as per our tour plan and the budget. We arrived in and departed from Trogir out of harm’s way. This was because experienced personnel of the yacht chartering company guided us. Qualified tour guides in Trogir supported us to engage in the most convenient ways for going to places of interest.

Yacht in Trogir

History of Trogir  

As one of the historic towns of Croatia, Trogir is known among International tourists. This harbour town on the Adriatic cost of Croatia has so many tourist places. This town was designated in the world heritage site of the UNESCO in 1997. Historic sites in this town encourage people from around the world to visit here. The number of visitors to the Cathedral of St Lawrence is increased because its familiarity as history.

Greek colonists found Tragurion in the third century from the Vis Island. They had developed it as the major port. The major reason behind the ever-decreasing importance of Trogir was the sudden prosperity of Salona. Croatian rulers as well as Byzantine received tribute from Trogir from the night century.

Cultural and economical enhancements of Trogir were enjoyed by the government of the Republic of Venice in 1123. Venetian leadership increased the prosperity of this historic town. This town became the part of Croatia subsequent to the World War I. Interesting is yacht charter in Croatia, where you can find many boats: Bavaria 36 Cruiser, Sun Odyssey 45, Hanse 455, Lagoon 440. Such boats you can find here:

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marina in Trogir

The most important sights

My family enjoyed everyday sightseeing in Trogir. We visited the most famous sights and taken catchy photos. Trogir Historic Site, St. Michael Bell tower, Central Square, The St. Lawrence Cathedral, Fishing charters & tours, Palace Cipiko, Fortress Kamerlengo, Boat Tours, North Gate, Duke’s Place – The City Hall, St. Dominic Monastery and Town Museum.

More than a few catchy elements in the Marmont’s Monument and the church of St. Peter surprised us. Every impressive element in these architectures does not fail to make visitors of every age group satisfied at all times. We bought high quality and tasty wines from Bedalov Winery. Speed boat tours given us memorable experiences. We enjoyed adventurous elements of boat tours.

Yacht charter in Trogir

You may like to visit the chapel of the best in class genre. You can visit the chapel of Ivan Orsini in Trogir. Different bars and clubs with extraordinary entertaining facilities give you the best support to enjoy your tourism here. The most exceptional accommodation facilities in private accommodations, hotels, apartments and resorts in this town supported us to prefer the right accommodation as per our requirements.

We spent less than estimated money throughout tourism in Trogir. This was because we have a clear plan about our tourism in this historic town. We enjoyed our sightseeing and had memorable tourism experiences. We recommend Trogir to those who seek where they can take pleasure in the best tourism in Croatia.

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